Monday, 3 December 2007

Work in progress 3rd Dec 2007

Work in progress 3rd Dec 2007
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Just to prove I'm still alive and still crafting - when I get the chance. Quick snap of my latest works in progress. I'm trying to stock up for the Christmas rush (Hmmm! what's that then?) and building back up my Celtic connection.

The lovely big buttons come from our fabulous local craft emporium, Flawless Designs. I only went in to pick up some crochet wire and ended up with a huge haul of goodies. Fatal!

For anyone interested and in the area, I'll be selling at the Craft Market in Candleriggs, Glasgow on Saturday 8th and Sunday 16th December - hurry on down to get those last minute bargains and stocking fillers.

Honeybeedz - affordable jewellery for gifts or treats.


ebbandflo said...

good to see you up and crafting (and congrats on selling That necklace!)

ebbandflo said...

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