Friday, 31 July 2009

Balloon models

As I said, so far this holiday we have mostly been making balloon models.

This one (in case you can't tell) is a motor bike... with a handle as all the best bikes have of course.

Other offerings include a parrot's beak (all that was left after the model burst while being made), a mutant dog, an odd looking mouse and a bunch of gametic tulips.

I don't think the local children's entertainers need to worry.

I guess it's back to work for me on Monday! Sigh.

Little people make a house into a home

All that preparation was worth it.

My visitors arrived on Tuesday and as you can see they've quickly made themselves at home!

The flat is now full of toys and laughter (and strange shaped balloon animals)
- but that's a whole different blog post for another day.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Last preparations

On the home strait now for getting the flat ready for the arrival of my long awaited visitors! Beds all changed, shopping all (nearly) done and just the last bits of cleaning still to do.

The cat is asking whether she should leave home. I've told her that as long as she stops shedding fur she's free to stay. She is packing her suitcase as we speak.

But seriously I'm so excited. Only one more night and then they're here.

Oh, and ifyou think the duvet cover in this picture is looking a bit, well melted, yes, the colours did run. I now have a pair of pretty pink pants too - not to mention pink socks, dishtowels and pillow cases. Grrr!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Summer is here!

Auntie B went shopping today and look what jumped into her shopping bag. All sorts of lovely bright meal time treats for her favourite man. I just hope he likes them.

If you look carefully you can even see there are some little ice cream dishes, all ready for homemade sundaes.

3 days and counting!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Oh ye of little faith

A quick pic just to prove to my sister that the weather is actually ok here in Scotland.

It's 7 pm and I'm sitting outside on my steps, in my shorts and enjoying the sunshine.

Unfortunately it means you have to see my pale and interesting legs to prove the point, but sometimes pursuit of the truth must push such inconveniences aside!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

The fabulous Grey Goat

I just had to post a picture of the wonderful new top I just got through the mail. It's by Grey Goat on Etsy and is just so amazingly gorgeous it's not true.

Why not get one for yourself from her Etsy shop.

I wore it to work today and was the envy of all. It also goes perfectly with my new Harlot shoes posted a few days ago.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

And while we're doing entrances ...

Here's a pic of my front door.
(and those dustbins again!!)

Guided tour is now pretty much complete.


For the penultimate peek at my living accommodation, and forthcoming holiday home of my nephew, I bring you entrances.

This is the view of my hall taken from just outside the living room. To the right of the picture is the bathroom (complete with washing machine). To the extreme right is the front door (not seen). The room visible to the left is the study - or Kit's room to use it's official title.

Beyond Kit's room, the hall leads to the kitchen while directly behind the photographer is the living room and to the right of that are the main bedroom and my walk in wardrobe (yes, really!).

So now, dear viewer, you know all there is to know about my flat.

Monday, 20 July 2009

And for the fashion stalker

Look what turned up in the post today. Celebration shoes!

This means I now have 6 pairs of Hard Hearted Harlot shoes to my name.


And the one he's been waiting for!

Apparently what my nephew really wanted to see was the kitchen. So here it is.

I'm not sure why he's so interested in the kitchen (other than that's where the food will come from) but curiousity must be satisfied. I suspect he may be disappointed.

It's much smaller than what he's used to. (And what I'm used to come to think of it).

Let's put it this way. If my cat were a swinger, she would struggle in this bijoux facility.

(Outdoor entertainment zone pictures will follow in a future post)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

More tales from the inside

So having seen his sleeping accommodation for his visit to Scotland, today's offering covers the entertainment zone.

This is my living room.

Note beautiful big bay window with built in window seat. Also gorgeous fireplace with wood burning stove for the cooler evenings (like last night!).

But probably of most interest to my young stalker, tv with freeview and dvd player.

Outside entertainment zone pics in the next installment.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

For my little stalker

My 6 year old nephew who is coming to stay with me in 10 days time has demanded some pictures of the inside of my flat to go with the photo of my back yard posted earlier today.

So here we go!

For starters, this is the bedroom he'll be sharing with his mum when he comes to stay.

Watch this space for more updates tomorrow and over the next week.

And by the way, I made those curtains myself.
Plus the canvas on the bookshelf is a beautiful print from the very talented Gorjuss

My back yard

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, today's blog is a quick picture of my back yard.

Taken from the kitchen window in between rain showers and featuring my bargain table and chair set. Also visible are some of my new pots, planted up today in the rain and looking very pretty. I'm slowly disguising the concrete!

Also just visible is the hedge I tried to trim last weekend. Unfortunately as those who know me will realise, I was too short to trim the top properly and now it just looks like it's had a run in with a bad barber! Short back and sides but a bit straggly still on top!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Wild harvest

Sitting out in the back yard today and I realised that the strawberries are ripening fast.

I've already had the first three in a fruit salad. It looks like I'll be having strawberries and cream for pudding before too long.

Sadly I don't think they will last another 2 weeks until big sis and the wee one get here. All the more for me then!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Never too old to play with your food.

Since this is a creative blog, or at least is meant to be, I thought it was about time I showed you some.

So here it is - a multi media creation by a little known 71 year old artist from Scotland. Let me know what you think!

(The accusation that he just didn't want to eat it is entirely spurious.)