Monday, 11 October 2010

What's in the bag?

A couple of my fellow bloggers recently confessed to what was in their handbags, and after yet another experience of 'can't find the one thing I'm looking for' in my handbag, I thought it might be fun to chronicle what's in mine too.

So here goes...

1 x umbrella (with a shoe print fabric of course!)
1 x hairbrush
1 x elastic hair tie thingie
1 x pouch of unmentionable items (women's things!)
1 x lip balm
1 x lip gloss (from my fave new make up brand) plus 1 x lipstick
1 x handcream sample (from the lovely Lush!)
1 x eye shadow stick
1 x nail file
2 x spare contact lenses (for the same eye??)
1 1/2 packets of tissues
3 used tissues (ew, yuk!)
1 x packet painkillers
1 pair sunglasses (complete with pouch, unusually for me!)
1 x purse (fresh from Granada, Spain. Ole!)
1 x mobile phone (personal - yay!) plus 1 x Blackberry (work - boo!)
1 x USB memory stick (promotional from Stirling Castle)
1 x security pass for work (with half way decent photo for a change)
3 (count them!) x highlighter pens plus 5 x ballpoint pens plus 1 x pencil (not going to be stuck without anything to write with. Possibly nothing to write on, however!)
Various business cards (some of them mine, somewhat creased!) and appointment cards (none of them current. Anyone know when my next hair appointment is?)
Various loose 'cards', including work charge card, bank card, 2 x gift cards, 1 x gym membership
1 x old receipt
1 x used post-it note
1 x Scottish Environmental Statistics handy guide (don't say I'm not dedicated!)
3 x tomatoes (harvested on my way in the door tonight, last of the summer crop!)
1 x piece of sea glass (from my last visit home)

No wonder I can never find what I'm looking for!

And do you know the scariest thing? I'd already cleared out a whole heap of stuff before I left work today. Eeek, I think I need a smaller bag.

What's in your bag then?

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