Sunday, 15 August 2010

You say tomato...

I say tomato. But whichever way round it is I have finally had to resign myself to the fact that my carefully nurtured crop of cherry tomatoes are going to ripen when I'm away on holiday. Darn!

So as well as finalising my travel arrangements, worrying about whether the BAA strike will leave me stranded at the end of my holiday (oh, please!) and trying to get organised enough to pack, I now also need to work out who to leave my tomato plant with.

I'm also battling to finish my big sister's birthday present before I go so I can post it off in the hope that it hits the right month if not the right day. With Royal Mail and Canada Post on my side, I'm not confident tho! Sorry big sis.

Nothing for it but to make another cup of coffee, sit in the sun and write a list. That will help!

1 comment:

Just Frances said...

I've been singing "I say tomato" all day now. I blame you. (But I like the song, so that's OK!)

Glad you got your sis' b-day gift done. I'm sure she won't be too mad if it's late - it will just extend her celebration.

Do we get to see a picture of the final piece?