Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Gastronomie Espanol

I arrived in Cordoba at lunchtime today, and was immediately hit by a wall of heat. The girl sitting next to me on the train informed me that I'd probably chosen the two hottest places in Spain to visit in Seville and Cordoba. But not to worry, it was much hotter a couple of weeks back - then it was still over 40 degrees at 1am. Oh boy!

So, I've not actually done much today. I've wandered around Cordoba, along the beautiful little windy streets that remind me of York but with sunshine and heat, lots of heat. I've taken lots of photographs (as ever).

And I've eaten. Well, it seemed rude not to. Cordoba, apparently, has a very good reputation for food so I thought I'd better test it out. I'm not sure that I've found it yet, but I've had fun trying. Although in this heat, my appetite is a bit muted.

For this blog post, thought, I thought I'd share with you some of the things I've been eating so far this holiday. I feel it's my duty to experience Spain as fully as possible, and so I've suffered to bring you the following list of culinary delights:

  • Tortilla, including a fabulous plateful from the bar next to the hotel this lunchtime
  • morcilla 
  • chorizo
  • patatas bravas
  • pimientos con atun
  • jamon de la bodega
  • jamon con brevas
  • some kind of meatball in tomato sauce (tasted nice!)
  • gazpacho, with and without jamon
  • sopa do ajo
  • lots of vino tinto
  • heuvos revuelta (and they were sadly)
  • arroz con leche
  • cafe con leche y solo y cortado
  • quesa de cabra
and tonight *drum roll* Flan!! oh boy, was it good!

I've avoided callos so far - and will continue to do so, I refuse to suffer that much. Also cochido (too hot) and paella (just not fancied it). Rabo de torre seems popular here. Apparently it's bull's tail (oxtail?) but to begin with I thought it was bull's something else until I remembered that was cojones!

There are plenty days left and I'll continue to suffer for the culinary arts. It's a hard life, but someone has to do it!

(Early morning visit to the Mezquita called for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll manage to avoid taking any more photographs of the minaret/bell tower but I can't promise it. Sorry!)

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Just Frances said...

Mmm... I think I'll need to make some oxtail soup. I've not had it for a few years. As for the 'other' bull bits - we call 'em Rocky Mountain Oysters here and (whilst I've never tried them) I hear they're not too bad!

Glad you're enjoying the culinary side of Spain!