Friday, 27 August 2010

Best bar nun

Well, it was a day for nuns today. You know what it's like, never one for ages and then you see 5 in a row! I kid you not, in the space of about 2 hours I saw 5 different nuns. It just goes to remind you what a religious country Spain is. I'm a bit worried they might have been reading my blog from yesterday - you should have seen the disapproving looks they gave me. Or alternatively it could just have been my strappy top!

And as the picture above shows, I had great need of light clothes today. The temperature actually hit 42 degrees at the next display but I didn't feel like stopping to take another photo. This was hot enough for me. Admittedly it was in the full sun, but it was at least 37 degrees in the shade. So I tried to make it a less energetic day than yesterday, and so far it seems to have worked - my ankles are only slightly puffy and the heat rash seems to be staying away. It could be something to do with spending the morning on an air conditioned bus, lunchtime in the shade at a bar and the afternoon back at the hotel for a rest.

The bus tour was amusing - Seville doesn't really lend itself to bus tours since the sights are all either in a pedestrianised zone or in streets too narrow for buses of the double decker (or any for that matter!) variety. So I spent an hour or so listening to some interesting snippets about Seville whilst watching the traffic jam that seems to be the normal state of play for the centre of the city.

Actually I think it's probably worse at the moment since La Vuelta, Spain's version of the Tour de France, hits town tomorrow night and large parts of the road network are already being closed off in preparation. La Vuelta, what a fabulous name, much better than the old UK version, the Milk Race - hmm, inspirational eh?!

My other highlight of the day was a visit to Plaza de Espana, possibly one of the most vulgar places outside Las Vegas. Apparently it was used as for a scene in one of the Star Wars films. Words fail me, so you'll just have to look at my pics instead. As you can see, I managed a full tour of Spain without leaving Seville - and all in the midday sun!

After a lovely, if hot, lunch I headed back to the hotel for a pre-flamenco, post-tapas siesta and now I'm about to head back out again for my cultural experience tonight. Hope it's good. Watch out for a review on tomorrow's blog post.

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