Thursday, 19 August 2010

On the move

No photo today, folks. Just a very quick post from St Pancras International as I wait for my Eurostar to Paris on leg 2 of my great summer holiday adventure.

Last night was leg 1 on the Caledonian Sleeper from Stirling to London. To be honest, I'm not quite sure why they call it the Sleeper, there wasn't much sleeping getting done for me. And not for any exciting reasons either - just the slightly sick making motion of the train, the grinding of the wheels on the tracks and the really quite unnerving banging, jolting and clattering as they joined a few trains together at Carstairs Junction.

But it wasn't too bad. I arrived safe and sound this morning, fell out of the train (walked about 6 miles along the platform to the exit - how many coaches???) and stumbled across Euston Road to Friends House for a lovely breakfast of coffee, fruit salad and gluten free carrot cake. Mmm!

And then it was here to St Pancras to drop my bag in left luggage and back along the road to the British Library. 2 hours of entertainment - who would ever have thought a library could be so engaging!

and now I'm sitting waiting for my train to be called and within the hour I'll be leaving the UK and heading for the continent. Adventures here I come (just not too many of them please!)

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ebbandflo said...

shame there was no sleep - i love the feeling of being rocked to sleep by the wheels.
bon voyage for the rest!