Saturday, 28 August 2010

If life gives you oranges...'d better just make marmalade!

I've been wandering round Seville for two and a half days now and seeing orange trees everywhere, sadly too late for the orange blossom, which must be amazing. But it's only today that I put two and two together - oranges, Seville oranges, marmalade - doh! I guess there wasn't really anything else they could do with them all was there? Apart from make wine, that is! Many of the bars here advertise that they sell Vino de Naranja (oranges) but when I asked about it the waiter (he of the chatting up on Thursday lunchtime!) pulled a face and said, Too sweet. So I've not tried it. I get the feeling it's a tourist thing.

When I was thinking about what to write today, I also thought about the other meaning of that epithet (the oranges/lemons one, not the sweet wine - keep up!). It's certainly incredibly hot here in Seville (have I mentioned the heat once or twice yet?) and to be honest almost too hot to do anything really. Much as I love shopping, and there is plenty of it here, I've been finding it too hot to be interested (gasp, shock horrot!). But today as I was wandering about with nothing much to do, I discovered that the shops have air-conditioning and while I might not feel like buying anything, window shopping has the whole added pleasure of vicarious air-con coolness. Bliss! (Do you like the entirely gratuitous photo of shoes, by the way?)

As for the rest of today, I headed across the Guadalquiver to Triana, the barrio of Seville's gitano community. I'm not sure if it still is but this is traditionally where the Roma lived in Seville - presumably close enough to come and work in the factories (like Carmen) but not so close that the Sevillanos would have to live cheek by jowl with them. These days it is undergoing gentrification but some of the traditional ceramic workshops are still in evidence, selling their beautiful glazed tiles and pots.

I also wandered round the local market - not as busy on a weekend as it is during the week I suspect judging by the number of closed stalls, but very impressive they were. All with glazed tile signs announcing who had which stall. A far cry from many of the somewhat tatty UK markets!

And finally, something you didn't expect...

because, of course, no-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!


ebbandflo said...

please do watch out for the comfy chair.

Bex said...

Oh no, not the comfy chair!