Monday, 9 August 2010

Perks of the job

Just occasionally I get to do something really cool through work. And today was one of those days!

Tomorrow the Scottish Cabinet is meeting in Stirling as one of their summer 'out and about' meetings. Tonight in preparation for tomorrow they hosted a reception in the Great Hall at Stirling Castle to celebrate Scotland's Year of Food and Drink. In return for listening to politicians speak (sorry guys!), we invited guests got to sample some of the best local offerings from Stirling and beyond whilst marvelling at the fantastic venue that is Stirling's Great Hall.

I personally particularly enjoyed Scotbeef's mini beef wellingtons (minus the vol-au-vent for me obviously), Macrae's smoked salmon, Graham's organic ice cream and (my absolute favourite of the evening) CookRoom's yummy gluten free chocolate muffins! I also noticed that the fabulous Mhor Bread was there, but for obvious reasons I didn't try them out - not with it being a school night and me being in polite company!

All in all, a good evening. It's tough work sometimes, but I want you to know I take on these challenges selflessly! (Heh, heh!)

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