Saturday, 14 August 2010

Dreaming of ravelry ...

Well perhaps not quite, but I did pop up to Stirling University campus this afternoon to have a wander round Knit Camp market place and drool over yarn.

And I was by no means the only one either. I hadn't quite appreciated how big a deal Knit Camp was. I was surrounded by hundreds of dedicated (and sometimes frankly scary) knitters, all intent on finding the perfect yarn bargain. And, I'm pleased but nevertheless suprised to say, they weren't all women either.

Perverse as ever I went to Knit camp and came away with crochet patterns. I didn't buy any yarn either! In my wisdom I chose patterns calling for cotton, and there was a definite wool bias in the market place. Apart from the possum fur fibre that is. Hmm.

So for me, it was back on the bus and a stop off at Macaree's on the way home.

And now I have a project for my holiday - and a really bad case of startitis! Watch this space for progress.

The photo? Oh, it's of a world record attempt being undertaken - sheep to sweater in some ridiculously short space of time. Boy, did those fleeces smell!!

And the post title? Anyone recognise it?


Just Frances said...

Ooo... I like this post for two reasons: I've been inspired to go buy new wool for some random project and I've been inspired to work some more on my university application letter!

Not long until your holidays now! Yay!

ebbandflo said...

it's a pun on 'dreaming of revelry' by the Kings of Leon

according to google

google is my friend

ooooh fibre! salivate

Bex said...

Yay, well done big sis (you've really got this interweb thingy sorted! It can lead to embarrassing confusions however - see my post from last weekend on Life is Pain!)

A great track that I haven't been able to get out of my head ever since.

And I still can't get started on my new projects - some pesky waistcoat to finish!!!