Monday, 28 June 2010

Warming up

Ok, so yesterday I let you in on the challenge I've set myself for next week while I'm on holiday. And I even posted a photograph of me sans make-up - admittedly in suitably bright light so that the skin definition wasn't too sharp!

I deliberately picked next week for my 'naked' challenge since I'll be far from home and the chances of anyone I know seeing me without my usual defensive make up is fairly remote. But having had a bit of a dry run yesterday when I went to tango class au natural and managed to get away with it, I thought I'd try thinning it down a bit for work too.

So this morning instead of my usual foundation, powder, concealer, eye make up base, eye shadow, mascara, blusher and lipstick, I made do with just concealer (and not much at that!), powder and mascara. Ok, and a tiny touch of blusher. And some lipstick - but I didn't touch it up during the day!!

And do you know what? I hardly even noticed. There were a couple of times I looked in the mirror and thought I looked a bit pale - but I also thought I looked more natural and less tired. Maybe there's something in this no - ok, less - make up challenge after all!

(and why that picture - well, it's one of my favourites anyway, but I'm also hidden - behind my nephew rather than my make up for a change. But perhaps that's why I like it so much?)

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ebbandflo said...

From what I remember it's usually the lack of eye make up which inspires the most "are you sick?" comments.

Good luck with your challenge! There are some great tinted SPF moisturisers out there (Neutrogena is a fave) and I still maintain that primer is not make up!

PS: yes, i do hide behind the wee guy too - he's my excuse for not having enough time. Maybe i should challenge myself to a week of make up????