Sunday, 27 June 2010


No, not completely before you get too excited dear reader, just my face!

I've decided to set myself a no make-up challenge for the week of my holiday and this is me practising. I intend going to tango class today without any make-up at all. Not even my usual minimum of tinted moisturiser and mascara.

'So what?', I hear you ask. Well for me this is a big deal for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I really feel I'm beginning to show my age and that I need a little extra assistance to get by in public. I'll never forget my sister saying, as a bold 20 something, women over 30 shouldn't be seen without make-up. I laughed at the time and thought how unliberated of her, and while she might have been out by 10 years, I kind of see what she means now.

My second reason is the state of my skin itself. Now, I realise that the constant make-up wearing and the spots may well be connected, but it's a fact that I have a worse problem with (the delightfully termed) blemishes now than I ever did as a teenager. It doesn't seem fair somehow. Wasn't one of the compromises for losing my youth supposed to be not having to deal with acne, puppy fat and teenage angst. So far it only seems to be the puppy fat that's gone, and it's been replaced by cellulite! Hmm, who said life was fair?

So, next week when I head off for my solo holiday to Wales I'm going to try a whole week without any make-up whatsoever. And today is the practice run. I've already managed the supermarket facially naked. And met people I know and survived!

I'll let you know how I get on. Wish me luck!


Frances said...

Yay! As a woman who only owns lipstick (which is more than a decade old and ought to be tossed) I am in full support of this plan!

A tip I've learned is that the better you moisturize, the easy it is to get away without makeup. I slather the stuff on and it really does help.

Just think of all the time and money you'll save by not wearing makeup. Certainly, both can be put toward shoe shopping!

ebbandflo said...

Aha! BTW you look gorgeous in that pic ..... but I know what you mean about it being a challenge.
FWIW I haven't been wearing makeup v much over the last 10 years or so. In London it was good screen against the grime (worn thick and unsubtle) but now on the relaxed West Coast it seems OTT (or as a SAHM it rarely feels worth the effort but it does feel good when i pull it out).
Did I really say that ?????? yes, i think I did.

I'll ditto the moisturise comment and throw in not over-stimulating the skin too with too much cleansing

PS: skin primer from Benefit doesn't really count as make up, and it covers up the roseacea blemishes

Bex said...

Thanks for the support, ladies. Survived tango sans any cover up at all and even got a compliment too. On my dancing admittedly and he wasn't wearing his contact lenses today so maybe I shouldn't get too excited about it?

And it's hard core cold turkey - so not even primer or concealer! Gulp.

But not this week. Work's not ready for the sight of my au natural yet. I'll try just wearing less perhaps. It will be a real test of my confidence!