Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Courtesy costs nothing...

... Or does it?

I got involved in an online discussion yesterday about whether or not women should let, or expect, men to hold doors open for them in these days of equality. My response, for what it's worth was - I love having a door held open for me, it makes me feel kind of special. But I certainly don't expect it and I do may fair share of door holding in return.

But, yes, I admit - I like the feeling of having a door held open for me. I'm not sure what it's about - it's more than just the courtesy bit. There's something rather nice about finding a chivalrous man. Or maybe it's just good to be treated as a 'fair maiden' in amongst all the strong and independent stuff that I live every day?

But what I actually love, is finding that some men - and some young men at that - still do the dance of trying to walk on the traffic side of a woman when you're walking along a street together. I thought this was just something my dad did - and my sister and I teased him about - but no, there are still men brought up, presumably by their chivalrous fathers, to protect his lady from life's dangers.

I may be old fashioned - and somewhat contradictory in my views (and judging by some of the strident comments in the online discussion I think I might be unusual too!) - but I freely confess, I like being a girl at times.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

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ebbandflo said...

LOL! just remembering Dad's little two-step to stay on the right side of us next to the traffic (not sure if it encompassed his deaf side or not!).

As for courtesy, yes I love having doors held open and I love holding them open for whoever needs the service.