Thursday, 10 June 2010

Getting away from it all

Looking North from Ben More
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You know, I always thought I was quite fit. But the other weekend I went walking near Crianlarich - and found out how wrong I was!

To be fair, I did walk for 8 hours - and covered the equivalent of 3 munros in the process. Three very steep munros I might add!

But by the end of it, I was so sore and so tired I didn't think I would even be able to crawl into the car, let alone get out of it at the other end. Fortunately my walking companion did the driving so I could zone out on the way back home.

And I was sore for days after. There was literally no part of my lower body that didn't hurt. And I mean hurt - it was beyond ache! I could barely move, and if I sat still for too long, you could literally hear the joints crack as I stood up!

But it was actually great fun. I felt a real sense of achievement at the end of it, something that I don't really get in the same immediate way at work. And the company was good too.

So, I'm now all set to do it again next week! At least I know to have the painkillers ready and waiting this time!!

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