Saturday, 3 July 2010


Ok, it wasn't dawn when I left this morning (and anyway this photo is sunset rather than sunrise) but it was early for a holiday! The benefit, however, is that it's 1pm and I'm (hopefully) half way there already.

I've just taken my 2nd rest break and am now about to 'turn right' to quote a friend. Heading off the motorway soon and into Wales.

It feels like the holiday is really beginning now.

(And yes, I am keeping to my challenge. Not a scrap of make-up, not even concealer or mascara! Cold turkey!)

I eventually arrived at about 6.30 pm - tired and somewhat bedraggled but elated at having made it. And I didn't get lost once - although it was a close run thing on one of the 'short cuts' I decided to take.

My estimate of half-way there at the 2nd pit-stop was wildly optimistic. The journey took a full 10 hours, although with 4 stops en route - one for a much needed ice-cream! The motorway driving was definitely the worst, not because of the traffic or anything, but just because it was so boring and hypnotic. The off-motorway driving, whilst more interesting (and very pretty) was frustrating at times - particularly when I got stuck behind Sunday drivers out a day early. Much unnecessary braking and an aversion to over-taking!! Grr!

But I'm here - arrived safely and firmly ensconced in my cosy hideaway. There's a beautiful view of the sea - photos of the sunset available on Flickr already. And now I'm just looking forward to my week of rest, relaxation, contemplation, exploration and perhaps some adventure.

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