Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A little rain never hurt anyone

After Monday's exertions, I decided to have a bit of a quieter day yesterday. More to the point, after Monday's exertions, I wasn't in any fit state to do anything other than be a bit quieter yesterday!

So it was off in the car to see what this part of Wales has to offer. I made my first visit of the day Melin Tregwynt - a traditional woollen mill that I'd passed on the bus to the start of my walk on Monday. Sadly it's not so traditional these days (focusing on making designer fabrics for the likes of Harrods and Harvey Nicholls) but it was fascinating all the same. They buy in their wool from elsewhere and it now comes ready dyed (no longer is the millstream a different colour everyday), but they still weave on site and I got to see one of the machines in action. More pics here for the over-interested, including pictures of yarn, mmm!

From the mill, I headed off to Nant Y Coy craft centre (and wholefood cafe) where I had a delicious lunch of goats cheese salad, wandered round the craft shop and then had a quick sprint round the nature and sculpture trail - dodging the midges the while and hoping the rain would hold off. Luckily it did until I got back to the cottage, and then the heavens opened.

Today was less generous. I woke up to heavy rain beating against the bedroom window - so there was nothing else for it but to roll over and go back to sleep. And then head off in the car again. This time for a drive round the coast - in the rain, and the low cloud/mist that came with it. Somewhat daft but fun all the same!

I found the most beautiful little village in the middle of my adventure - a place called Solva that looked so pretty even in the rain. And even better it had a lovely coffee shop to while away a rainy hour in. (It also had a woollen mill, this time specialising in carpets and rugs. Unfortunately it was in the middle of renovations, so no coffee shop!) Then it was on to Broad Haven (not sure it was worth the diversion), Haverford West (with its Tesco, yay!) before heading back to St Davids for another coffee stop. After which, miraculously, the rain stopped, the sun came out and the place dried up.

I came back to the cottage by way of Whitesands Bay where the sun was catching the waves and the surfers were out making the most of the choppy conditions. If the weather holds, I'm planning to walk that way tomorrow.

And then back to the cottage to sit in the sun, drink a glass of wine (thank you Tesco) and chill for a while before supper.

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