Saturday, 24 July 2010

Forging ahead

In my dreams, this is what I look like when I run. In truth, it's actually a bit more like this - or at least that's what I look like afterwards. Maybe 2 hours afterwards when my colour has come back to somewhere near normal and I look less like a cross between a lobster and a beetroot - with the colour turned up!

But anyway, even if I don't look this good, I am decidedly making progress. When I started running earlier this year I was struggling to do 2 miles, and struggling to get the motivation to run at all. Today I went out for 4th run of the week and hit the 4 mile mark for the first time. In a not too shoddy 41 minutes too. I freely admit I was absolutely shattered at the end of it and the best I could do when I got in the flat was lie on the floor for a good 5 minutes. But I did it and I'm really pleased with myself for that.

So, why the running? To start with it was because my gym closed and I couldn't get myself organised enough to join a new one. I had been a member of a great gym - really handy to work and home, women only and never too busy. I think it was probably that last part that should have been a warning! Unfortunately they had to close and I was left without a gym. When I'd chosen my last one a good friend had given me some very sensible advice - the most important factor to consider when joining a gym isn't what equipment it has, what the showers are like or anything like that; it's whether you actually go to the place in the first place. Is it convenient or do you have to make an extra effort to get there? And if you do, you're unlikely to go!

So, what could be more convenient than just slipping on a pair of running shoes and heading out of your front door? But what I've also found is that sometimes the discipline of the gym and a set programme is what get's me motivated to exercise - until now that is. I finally seem to have cracked it, and to be honest I don't know what it is/was that did it. But here I am now, running 4 miles, loving it, looking forward to it and getting better at it!

Maybe I will be ready to do the Stirling 10k in September after all!


ebbandflo said...

of course you'll be readyfopr the stirling 10k - it's only another 2 and a bit miles after all

Bex said...

I was trying to work that out while I was running yesterday - as a way of distracting myself from how far i still had to run.

But i think the oxygen my brain needed to work it out was diverted elsewhere!!

But, yes, I think I should be ready as long as I keep at it now. Even if I'm utterly shattered at the end of it!

(And I was really pleased with my time yesterday too)

Just Frances said...

I think it's great that you're training for a race and know you'll have a blast! As for the ease of the gym, sometimes it's more motivation than anything. (Says the woman with a top-of-the-line treadmill that never gets used!)

I'm sure you'll make a good showing on race day!