Thursday, 8 July 2010

Working hard!

Another tough day to endure here in remarkably sunny Wales!

Actually I have been working hard and this is my very civilised reward as I wait for the bus back to the cottage. Yay for enlightened tourist information centres with alcohol licences.

The reward is for completing another section of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path - this time 10 miles (or so!) from Abereiddi to St Davids. More glorious cliffs, spectacular views and peaceful walking. It was busier on this section but not overly so. Wildlife today included seals, more butterflies and a rather vicious horse fly that bit me and drew blood! And I almost forgot the ponies.

More photos will be added to my flickr page when I get home but meanwhile the cava and I have an hour to kill before the bus comes.

As I said, it's a tough life!


ebbandflo said...

i do hope we get a pic of the fly bite with daily updates (she asks gorily)

Bex said...

It's turned itchy and red.
And it was a big bruiser. I actually felt it bite me - little bastard!