Friday, 16 July 2010

Bare-faced truth

Naked week
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As readers will remember, I set myself an extra challenge for my recent holiday in Wales. Not only was I to have a great time, relax and enjoy myself. I was also to do all of this whilst wearing no make-up whatsoever!

So what, I hear a number of you shout? Well, for me it was a big deal. I had got to a stage in my life where I was extremely uncomfortable about being seen in public without at least some camouflage. It's not that I'm vain - far from it, actually. (Well, at least I like to think so!) It's more that I was becoming increasingly conscious of the wrinkles, uneven skin tone and general signs of age. I also seem to have developed, rather annoyingly, late onset acne. Ok, not quite that bad - but certainly more spots than I ever had as a teenager!

So, for me, a whole week without make up was quite a challenge. And I'm pleased to say I managed it. Completely cold turkey too - not even a scrap of concealer, a lick of mascara or a smudge of blusher!

Maybe it was chickening out to do it while I was on holiday, in a place where I was pretty sure I wouldn't see anyone I knew - so risk was pretty minimal. But all the same, I was there bare and unpainted for anyone to see.

I'd love to say that I felt completely comfortable and since coming back home I've been confident enough to dispense with the slap for work as well. But I'm not and I wasn't. It was a struggle, I did feel self conscious and there were times I definitely wouldn't have gone out bare-faced if I'd been at home. But I did it - the world didn't end, no-one ran off screaming, or even sniggered or stared for that matter.

As the photo montage shows, I'm not a monster or freak without the war paint. But I still resort to it everyday for work - admittedly much less than when I started the challenge. These days it's just concealer, powder, a touch of blusher and some mascara. Occasionally some lipstick, although that's been absent this week as I can't find the damn stuff!

And on the whole it looks ok. I don't look wash-outed or tired, or at least no more so than I normally would. I actually like the lighter feeling and the fresher skin effect. But, sod's law, of course my skin is currently rebelling and I have a great break-out going on. But true to my new regime, I'm trying to resist caking it in foundation and seeing if I can have the confidence just to be me.

Aren't I brave?! Or maybe I am just vain after all!


Frances said...

I think you look FAB! No make-up needed! (And beautiful eyes, too.)

Bex said...

Thank you Frances. I'm starting to think maybe I do look better with no make up. Certainly less make up is liberating - both in terms of confidence and time from bed to getting out of the house in the morning!!!