Saturday, 28 August 2010

Man is born free

but everywhere he is in chains, as the great philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau once opined.

Or as I like to think of it (and to paraphrase another great philospher) we enter the world alone and we leave it alone, but in between time it's seems to be one mad dash to be with someone else. Everywhere you look the world seems to be in couples. Everything seems to be made for them - from single supplements on holidays to phrase books that give you useful phrases for 'We enjoyed the meal' to tasting menus for a minimum of two people to luxury seats for two at the cinema.

Am I bitter? No, I'm just a bit down this evening about being away on holiday in a beautiful city and having no-one to share it with. Everywhere I look are loved up couples enjoying romantic meals and here's me, back at my hotel room not feeling like subjecting myself to another evening of 'Look who's got no friends' at some bar or other.

I'm sorry, readers. I try to be upbeat most of the time, and I am genuinely enjoying this holiday. But there are times when it would be nice to have someone to share it with. Someone to point out a funny/striking/beautiful/ hideous sight to, someone to laugh with, to ooh and aah with. It would be really nice to have someone to share a romantic moment with too but just any old companion would do me right now.

People watching is great fun. But the most fun is being able to point it out to someone else. And strangers, for some reason, seem to think you're either cruel or mad if you do it to them!


Just Frances said...

I'm sorry you're having a hard day. I suppose it's bound to happen. You're doing something that most singletons will never attempt though, and for that you should be pleased.

I hope tomorrow is cheerier for you. Maybe stopping back to buy some of those brightly colored shoes will help! Or, going back to get the guitar man's phone number. Dinner for two tomorrow? ;)


Bex said...

Sadly the date with the guitarist is not to be. I'm heading off to Granada today for the last few days of my hols.

But I do admit to sneaking back to the Flamenco place yesterday evening and catching a glimpse of him having a break outside the hall. I wish i'd had the nerve (and the Spanish!) to go up to speak to him.

Ah well, he'll just have to live on as inspiration for a chapter for the book!

And yes, i'm feeling better today. Thanks

ebbandflo said...

sorry you were feeling this way. you've hit the nail on the head though - people watching is great when you've got some company. all the bravery in the world doesn't compensate sometimes