Thursday, 28 October 2010

Spooky times

Today was a first for me - I received my first ever Halloween car. (Thanks Frances!) It was sat waiting for my on my doormat when I got home (late) from work tonight - all resplendent in its pumpkin orange envelope. What a treat - not just my first ever Halloween card, but a piece of lovely mail when all too often all I get is bills or circulars.

And it's reminded me that this weekend is indeed Halloween. Tomorrow is spooky Friday at work - I've promised to take in my witches' hat and wear it for at least some of the day. I also think I need to find myself something spooky to do over the course of the weekend. There's bound to be plenty on, the trick will be finding it - although probably nothing will compare with the 2 Halloweens I've spent with my nephew; one in Scotland when he was very little and somewhat bemused by the whole dressing up and guising tradition, and one in Canada when he was a bit older and which incorporated all sorts of North American Halloween festivity - pumpkins, spooky skates, trick or treating and fantastically decorated houses and yards. 

And it's also got me thinking about (and looking forward to) my next trip to see said nephew (and his mum and dad) at Christmas. Under 2 months now - tickets all booked and anticipation well in hand - on both sides of the pond!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, readers. Feel free to share your spooky adventures with the world in the comments section!!


Just Frances said...

Yay! Glad the card arrived in time for the spooky season! Happy Halloween! x

ebbandflo said...

i sent a dragon out the door to school this morning - halloween is definitely in the air

Bex said...

Shame on them, but lots of my parent friends sent their little people out guising last night!! How could they?

Ib've stocked up with mini treats - and am now hoping for no guisers so that I get to eat them all myself!!