Wednesday, 31 December 2008


The finished article!

This is the crocheted crop cardigan that I started while I was staying with my sister in October. I've finally got it finished - only a few buttons to add.

Not really very sure of it to be honest. I think I need more practice on crocheted ribbing. But it will do for now!

I'm sure crafty use of safety pins will save the day!

PS the one on the right is what it's meant to look like! And the Waffle Pullover (for giant toddlers - weird perspective in that photo) further down is the one that I'm working on next.


ebbandflo said...

very cool! well done for finishing and it looks great on you

(wonderful toilet pic too btw)

Honeybeedz said...

It was the only place with decent lighting for the camera phone at this time of night in midwinter!