Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Winter sports adventures

While we haven't got any snow at the house, this was what we had up at Cypress Mountain on Boxing Day. Plenty of snow on the cross country trails, and as you can see, brilliant crisp sunlight too. Definitely my favourite kind of weather.

We were there again last night for the Jack Rabbits Lantern Night Ski. No sunshine, but plenty of atmospheric candle light from the IKEA lanterns all down the sides of a couple of trails. It was really beautiful and actually not too cold for a winter night in Canada.

Unfortunately I managed to prove that the only way I can do a black run, whether it's downhill or cross country, is on my bum - some very inelegant skiing and a sore behind this morning as proof!

Cross country skiing was winter sport number 3 for me this holiday - downhill skiing at Whistler being number 1 and skating being number 2. I'm keeping fairly active this holiday, but sadly I suspect not enough to keep the pounds from creeping on as a result of my sister's excellent cooking and baking skills.

And looking out of the window now, it looks like the rain might just be trying to turn to sleet. Hopefully anytime soon it will evolve into snow (particularly now that we don't really need to go anywhere!).

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