Tuesday, 25 May 2010


There's only one thing better to eat at the end of the day than a home cooked tea - and that's not having to cook it!

The best solution is if you can get someone else to cook it for you. But failing that, being able to pull something out of the freezer, perhaps adding a few extra ingredients as in this case, is definitely the way to go.

A few hours cooking at the weekend is worth the effort for this kind of mid week luxury he you ask me.

I know you can do the same with ready meals and not have to even do the cooking, but a) you don't the same smug feeling as cooking the food yourself, and b) they rarely taste as good.


ebbandflo said...

I have the same thoughts - cook in bulk, and freeze for later. Works for a larger family unit too. It's easier too if you possess an industrial-sized N American crockpot into which you can fit an entire sheep but that's by the by ;)

PS: I'm experimenting with freezing away multi-use 'sauces' - so far we've had a lentil, cilantro and potato stew which has frozen away to reappear as the stuffing for crepes and even made a delicious soup. Ratatouille reappears as pasta sauce, inside lasagne, as minestrone soup and so on. Chilli returns as well, chilli or under a corn bread crust as a mexican pie or even as spicy shepherd's pie (not as soup so far though). That way I can have a quick ready meal and also do some meal prep and feel virtuous too that I've "cooked" for my ffamily rather than just reheated.

Yes, I'm sneaky!

Bex said...

This was a side dish (lentils with stuff - can't actually remember what now!) re-engineered as a warm feta, coriander and lentil salad - yum!

Tonight was chorizo bake. All great after a late work finish!