Wednesday, 6 June 2007

And the winner was....

The winner of the UK Etsy May challenge was .... Greygoat with her amazingly awesome flower strewn 'art pants'.

You'll remember the challenge was to create something, anything, on the theme of flowers. We had all sorts of entries, from photographs, to drawings, to jewellery, to glazed pottery. And these amazing pants!

Hats off to Greygoat - truly amazing. A well deserved winner. And even better, they're available for sale here along with many other gorgeous pairs of pants from this very talented designer.

Honourable mention must also go to the two runners-up:

TheDevilsWallpaper with two haunting paintings involving flowers.

And Reform, with a simple but beautiful flower sketch.

Fairy tales is the theme for next month's challenge - off to get my thinking cap on!!

1 comment:

gilfling said...

Yaay for the UK challenge - wasn't it a great one! I love your flower necklace - just beautiful. Mmmm yep me too for getting the thinking cap on for the next one.