Monday, 11 June 2007

Look what I got!!!

I was the lucky recipient of this awesome handmade bag in the recent UK Etsy Secret Swap. It was made for me by LoveALittle - and I love it a lot.

She tells me that the main fabric has been recycled from a skirt which was washed in Timotei shampoo and a conditioning rinse before being made into the bag. It's definitely worked as this is the softest bag I've ever had. None of this Botox injected snakeskin rubbish!!

The design is made from rag rugged fabric samples which have then been surface embroidered by hand. The handles are sewn on using a gorgeous rainbow thread and add to the glory of this little gem.

I've already paraded it round the local supermarket and out to dinner with friends. Safe to say, I love it and am a very proud owner.

And this is what I swapped for it - which now belong to the very talented TheDominoEffect.

In case you're interested, these little beauties are another example of my Celtic Connections range and have been knotted from dyed leather. The pendant is hung from an antique copper chain to complement the warm tones of the leather.

The earrings and pendant both feature the Turk's Head knot. There are other examples of different styles available to buy in my shop.

1 comment:

ebbandflo said...

am now insanely jealous of the handbag and the knot jewelry


PS: can you get hold of some Lakeland perforated microwave clingfilm on a roll and some AllBran crunchy oat squares in time to bring over in July????? and some more marigold stock powder if you have any room in your baggage???)