Saturday, 27 March 2010

Earth Hour, flying solo

I'm all ready for tonight's Earth Hour when it comes at 8.30 pm.
 Are you?

UPDATE: As you can see I spent Earth Hour with the lights off, plenty of candles on and a very nice glass of Shiraz Rose. I cheated a bit by watching a DVD (Notes on a Scandal, a virtuoso performance by Dame Judi Dench in an uncharacteristically nasty role for her, and Cate Blanchett looking pale, interesting and delicate as ever) but there were no lights on in the flat whatsoever and even the heating was off in favour of the log burner.

What a hardship - candle light, a roaring fire and a glass of fine wine!!

And whilst the act of turning off one's lights is not of itself going to make a difference, it does signify support for more concerted action to prevent further climate change through all of us taking small, yet significant actions to reduce our carbon emissions. In my case I now drive less and walk more, very rarely take plastic bags when out shopping and eat much less meat than I used to. I've not quite cracked the buying less stuff bit yet, but I'm working on it!!

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