Monday, 19 April 2010

Saturday nights are made for dancing!

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So, this is how I spent my Saturday evening this weekend. Thanks to David and Denise it was Stirling's first ever Tango Milonga (social/party night) and what a great time we all had.

I'm very grateful to my tolerant dance partners who put up with my 2 left feet for the night when I discovered as I stepped on to the dance floor that I'd completely forgotten everything we'd learned in class!

This guy had a pretty good technique to assist - it involved holding me very close and 'leading' very assertively round the dance floor. Mind you, it worked so maybe not so daft! It all just takes a bit of getting used to you when these are men you've never met before in your life.

And I must admit, I'm pretty pleased by how shapely my legs look in this photo. Not bad for 40 something!

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ebbandflo said...

i think he has you well under control! am glad you had a good evening - it does look like fun.

i think i would have to be on wheely shoes to be 'lead' around the dance floor - i'm rubbish at taking instruction full stop!