Monday, 13 June 2011

Talking sh*t

Today's blog is in celebration of innovative use of social media to communicate a difficult social message about a particular unpleasant piece of highly practised anti social behaviour. Perpetrators don't necessarily see it that way. To many anti social behaviour is about yobs on the street, drunk and swearing and fighting with each other. It's not something that the nicely heeled middle class indulge in. But sadly that's just not true. This particular piece of anti social behaviour is sadly all too common and committed by people from all walks of life.

Well, it's not really the people. No, it's their dogs. And, if you haven't already worked it out - I'm talking shit. Dog shit to be precise. An all too common scourge and hazard on our footpaths. And something that just doesn't need to be there. It's dirty, smelly, dangerous and just basically horrible. It's irresponsible behaviour and it shouldn't be happening.

And so to the social media angle. Launched today by Stirling Council is a new - hopefully to become viral - online campaign, aimed at encouraging local dog owners to 'bag it and bin it' rather than just let their dogs curl one out and leave it for the joy and delight of everyone else. It's a brave piece of action on the part of the Council. It's a light hearted look at the topic but there is every risk that people with sense of humour by-passes will take exception to it. Hopefully they will be few and far between, and they will help to spread the word by bringing attention to the issue rather than stifling it at birth.

So what do you think? Too risque or just good plain fun?

Coincidentally, I also came across another good piece of clever use of popular culture to help embed serious messages. Zombie attacks may sound like a joke or sci fi fantasy, but CDC in America is using the concept as a hook to get across the message of being prepared for more likely events. Good on you, guys. Go for it. Humour wins!!

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