Monday, 6 June 2011

Getting back on - part 3

As I've blogged recently, I'm ready now to 'get back on'. Or at least I think I might be, and I'm trying hard to make myself. I really am. But it is much much harder than it sounds and at the moment, it just doesn't seem to want to work out. I am thwarted - great word that, by the way - at every turn it seems.

And I'm not just talking about dating here. I've decided that my 'getting back on' should extend to other stuff too - it should be a holistic endeavour, to borrow a work related cliche. A whole system solution. A 'whole of life' package of care.

Now, dating - I tried, I really did. And I'm trying not to let the fact that my first date out in since becoming single was not a great success get me down. The fact that my date took one look at me and fled for the safety of the other side of the room hasn't knocked my confidence or enthusiasm for the whole thing...Ok, it has. But I'm trying hard not to let it. That surely counts for something.

I haven't quite plucked up the courage to join a dating agency or singles club yet, or answer a Lonely Hearts ad - although I did get as far as phoning up a box number to listen to one - but I am at least making the effort to get out and about a bit more, and put myself places where I meet other people. It's hard going, but I am led to be believe that I will be getting a new wing [wo]man in the not too distant future, so perhaps things will start to move then. Or at the very least, we'll have some great fun trying!!

As for other stuff, I've also stirred myself to start looking at property again. And I was struck this weekend, after 2 unsuccessful viewings how like dating the whole property search is. Looking at ads for places that promise so much and then fail to deliver, photographs taken from the most becoming angles that turn out to be hiding the damp patch/crumbling wall/miniscule attributes, misleading descriptions, teasers, come-ons and - sometimes - downright untruths!

So, am I being unrealistic about it all? Is it worth waiting for the one I fall in love with or should I settle for the one that is perfectly adequate, but not quite right? Will those little flaws be something I get used to and learn to live with, or will they magnify as time passes until all I can see are the faults? Is good enough really good enough, or should I hang out for just plain fantastic?

Romantic that I am, for now I'm going to wait for my prince of property to come. If I can keep my enthusiasm up, I'll keep looking, searching for frogs with hidden depths, opening my life to new possibilities and maybe, just maybe the right thing will come along for me. But whatever it is that I'm looking for - whether it's a soulmate or a sanctuary - it's not going to happen if I hide myself away and ignore it all. Even if I'm not out there seeking, if I'm in here hiding, even opportunity can't force its way in.

As I've said before, time to get my feet wet...

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