Saturday, 17 December 2011


Too much information? In these days of hyper digital connectivity, it's a question I often find myself asking. Finding and providing information, communicating and researching are just all so easy these days that I'm surprised we aren't all suffering from complete information overload.

It's a question, kind of, that my friend Frances is going to be grappling with next semester as she starts researching her Masters dissertation. Just how do we work out where to get our news and information from? There is just so much of it...

Which brings me to the other side of it - just how easy it is to share (often personal) information with the world. It never ceases to amaze me just how much some people are willing to share. I know I share a fair amount on this blog and through my Facebook profile, but I do censor - honest.

There are some things I wouldn't share. No, really - there are! And I don't just mean stuff I write. I also try to keep certain information completely private. I've been joking with a friend about stalking, but sadly it's not a joking matter for some people and these days of online lives can make it all too easy I suspect.

So, do yourself a favour - check out how secure your privacy settings are. Take the time to do that little check on Facebook, LinkdIn, wherever to see what can be seen about you. Google yourself a few different ways to check that you're only sharing what you want to share. It's not just about fraud, although that is made much easier by social networking than it ever used to be, it's can also be about your own personal safety. Time worth taking, if you ask me!

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