Friday, 2 December 2011

Jack Frost nipping at your nose

So, it's finally decided to get cold. Not cold like this time last year, but certainly colder than this time last week. Last night when we finally got out of work after yet another evening meeting, the ground was shiny, the sky was clear and our breath hung in the air, frozen in time and space.

It was really beautiful, but it was also incredibly slippy. After all the heavy rain we've been having, and with the temperature plummeting so suddenly, everywhere there were patches of black ice, just waiting to catch the unsuspecting evening homeward stroller.

Luckily I got home without mishap but with one or two near misses. And then again this morning, it was the same. Wet ground was actually ice, frozen leaves recently blown late from the trees adding to nature's treachery.

During the day the skies closed in that way they only do in winter, when the light turns them a shade of yellow grey you don't see at any other time of the year. It wasn't quite cold enough yet for snow, but we had a smattering of sleet instead.

Tonight it's warming up slightly again, not enough to stop the rain/sleet but enough to thaw the ice. The walk home from cocktails was wet but non slippery. To be honest I think I prefer the ice, but I'd really rather stay in one piece. My track record for health at this time of year is a bit delicate after all.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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