Monday, 28 November 2011

This time last year

This time last year, things were very different. For a start it was a damn sight colder, snow had started falling and didn't really stop until pretty much Christmas Eve. For another thing, I caught the 'flu - not the sniffle nose, bad cough and choked up head cold kind of (man) 'flu, but the real she-bang type. Sweats, exhaustion, shivering, aches and pains, nausea, can't drag yourself out of bed, let alone out of the house kind of 'flu.

This time last year I was helped down to my flat by a very kind friend from work when I couldn't speak I was shivering so much. This time last year, my friends all rallied round, despite the snow fall, to check up I was ok, bring me food, clear the snow from my steps and just plain visit me to make sure I was still alive.

This year, the weather is much milder - it's raining like there's no tomorrow, but it's not cold and there's no chance, at least tonight, that it's turning to snow. This year, I'm feeling much healthier. I've had my 'flu jab and more to the point I'm being a bit kinder to myself - I'm taking my vitamins regularly, I'm eating a (fairly) healthy diet and I'm trying to work out how to stress less.

So far it seems to be working - *reaches to touch every nearby piece of wood simultaneously* - I don't actually think I've been ill since then. A migraine here and there, and the usual end of the week tiredness, but on the whole, I've been doing ok.

In part that is due to my healthier lifestyle. But in part it's also due to being happier. I've rediscovered a social life. I have confidence in me again. I am, for the most part, happy. And it's much longer than a year ago since I've been able to say that...

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