Friday, 18 November 2011

Old dog, new tricks

One of the things I found hardest when I started my new single life was breaking old habits and starting new ones. Before my singledom, I used to look forward to every Friday evening. It was when we would celebrate the end of the week and head out to our local pub for a lovely meal and a drink. We had our own table, we were regulars and we had a great time. I loved the feeling of belonging I got from our regular weekly visit, and - unusually for me, someone who hates routine - I found a sense of stability in that regular weekly fixture.

So when I struck out on my own, it was one of the things I really missed. At the end of the week, I no longer had something to look forward to. Nothing to mark the end of the weekly grind and slide gently into the rest and relaxation of the weekend. Instead I used to dread the weekend. The time when I would leave my friends and the company of my workplace for 2 days and 3 nights of my own company.

 I used to dread it in those first few months. I used to be terrified of the feeling when I shut the door when I got home and know that unless I made the effort, chances were I wouldn't speak to anyone until Monday morning. Gradually I got used to it, and found ways to cope, and even sometimes enjoy the peace and solitude. But on the whole it was a trial.

But now, while we don't necessarily stick rigidly to a Friday evening, with my partner in crime, we've created a new habit of weekend cocktaiils. Ideally, but not exclusively on a Friday night. Always at the Junk Rooms. We're starting to become regulars. The staff recognise us. The owner chats to us. Tonight we got soup and chocolates as well as our chocolates.

It's a great, if a little extravagant, way to celebrate the end of the week - but heck, we don't have many other vices, so I think we're ok with this one.

Thanks to Frances, now I look forward to my weekends. It's great to be back at that place again!

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Just Frances said...

I am so happy to have a weekend routine(ish) again, too. It's great to be a regular somewhere and to be greeted with waves and chocolates! (And it's even better to have a friend to share it all with.)