Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Now, be honest - have you ever googled yourself? And if so, what did you find?

According to Google, I am variously:
I would also appear to be at least 164 years old. I reckon I'm wearing pretty well!!

Ok, so they're not all me - but it's fun finding your alter egos. But what happens when you do search for yourself, your real self, what do you find?

Me? I find that I talk a lot about post offices, about schools, occasionally about hospitals, about carbon reduction, green networks and superfast broadband. Topically for this week, I've also spoken about forced marrianges. And I attend lots and lots and lots of meetings!

You'll also find this blog, my Facebook page and even my former beaded jewellery craft business.

But just this week I reached a new level of fame - or perhaps, infamy. I am now a character in a crime book. Sadly I'm not the villain of the piece, nor am I the heroine. I am instead a bit part player, a WPC CCTV operator who appears for a chapter in the latest novel by local author, Craig Robertson. Am I sure it's me? Yes, absolutely - I bought my appearance by way of a donation at a charity event.

And I confess it's a giggle, well worth the donation if you ask me!! Still, I think I'd rather have been the one-legged lesbian coal miner from Lochgelly that Craig promised I'd be...

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Lynne McNeil said...

It is fun... but also scary to see what pops up in your name....! At least you can find yourself: my husband has an alter-ego who is a bigwig in US ski-ing circles.

Btw, no coal miners left in Lochgelly, which is probably why your character was changed to a WPC :-)

It is odd to think that our musings will be stored electronically somewhere in the great cyber ether and be accessed at the touch of a button in 100, 200 or 1,000 years from now (unless there a digital meltdown.... but that's another story....)