Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I spy...

There were a couple of things I could have written about under tonight's blog post title, but the other one needs a bit more work and will need to wait for another day.
So, tonight. It never ceases to amaze me at how unobservant people can be. Even with things that are plain in front of them, some people just cannot see. 

It's like when you get your hair cut and no-one notices for a week or two, and then someone says 'Have you changed your hair or something?' Only about a month ago! Or when my colleagues at work were amazed that photos of me as a child didn't have red hair - they thought the colour I am now was natural. Now, this might be a great compliment to my hairdresser, but it's not really a good advert for anyone's common sense. What hair do you know changes colour every 3 months?  I mean, really....

And it's not just hair styles or colours. I don't know how many times I've pointed things out to people who've worked in and around Stirling far longer than I have, that they just haven't seen. Mainly because they've never lifted their eyes above head height. I've said before, Stirling is a fantastic place, jam packed with quirky details and magnificent buildings, if you only take the time to stop and stare.

So, tomorrow (or even tonight!), why not try looking twice at some of the things around you and in front of you, and see what you can see and read from them. You might be surprised!

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