Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Get on your dancing shoes

What an amazingly fantastic evening I've had tonight! A great end to what has admittedly been an incredibly hectic day. 
And what, I hear you ask, is the cause of this fantastic-ness? Only getting back out tango dancing, that's what!

One of the girls from my tango class had decided to arrange a milonga for tonight in my favourite Stirling watering hole, the Junk Rooms and so we all duly turned up and danced the night away. A much better way to end a Manic Monday than I usually manage. 

There was a good crowd there, and to my utter relief, it seems I haven't completely forgotten how to dance. Not completely. Mostly, but not completely! Fortunately most of the guys in our group are very tolerant and were willing to put up with my mis-steps, and guide me round the dance floor. It wasn't as bad as my first ever milonga, but I did feel like I should have a pair of L plates and a big badge saying, "I used to know how to dance". I also suspect I should try harder to cultivate my moody Tango persona - bursting out laughing on the dance floor doesn't really fit with the image. But it is much more fun...

So, suffice to say, I don't think I made anyone feel like Fred Astaire tonight (and by the way, what a wonderful thing that would be to do!) but can I just say, I may have been doing the dance equivalent of fluffing my lines, but as Ginger said, I was doing it all backward and in heels.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Meantime, until I remember how to dance again, I guess I'll just have to go ahead and enjoy myself having fun instead. 

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