Sunday, 20 November 2011

Live (and decidedly kicking) music

Tonight was spent in Glasgow at the O2 Academy, watching the fabulous Death Cab for Cutie. At the start of the concert, as I suffered the usual fate of short people in crowds and was unable to see the stage, I confess I did ask myself why I bother going to live gigs. It's usually a hassle to get there (or get back if you rely on public transport), the venue is rarely enticing and more often than not, I can't see a thing. Why don't I just save myself the bother (and expense) and listen to the CD at home.

And then the band erupted on the stage and I remembered... The sound of the live music, the feeling of the bass deep in your bones, the beat travelling up from your feet, through your legs to your body and the immersion into the experience.

There's nothing to beat good live music, and tonight's concert was just that. From the opening track, which also just happens to be my favourite of theirs, right through to the end, it was mesmerising, exhilirating, fantastic. I had worried a bit how they would be live - the 2 albums I have of theirs are fairly mellow. But the performance tonight rocked - lyrical and melodic, occasionally soulful, but lacklustre, restrained, down-beat? Never.

I am hooked. I want more. I need to start checking out the listings and getting back into live music. I may not be a spring chicken any more, but I still know how to enjoy good music and rock it with the best of them - or at least I like to think so and that's all that counts, right?

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