Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Identity crisis?

Yesterday I blogged about my many alter egos I could find in the virtual world. Tonight's post is more about the identity crises we can all face in our real lives.

It was the fact that today is St Andrew's Day that got me thinking about it - you know, St Andrew, patron saint of Scotland. Do I consider myself to be Scottish or British - or even European or a global citizen? My nationality is British - it's a British passport I hold, but my national identity is probably Scottish. I was born in Edinburgh but I consider myself a Fifer. But I currently live in Stirling and have a strong sense of pride in this great little city.

Am I my job? Or my marital status? Am I defined by my religion? Or which team I support? I'm a sister and daughter - is that who I am?

Or am I just me? Unique and special in every way, and like no-one else on this planet.

One things for sure, however, I am my cat's feeder - and just now he's hungry so I'd better go pay him some attention!!

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