Sunday, 28 November 2010

Her father's daughter

Well, the snow arrived this weekend. Fortunately for me, not so early that I couldn't make it through to my mum and dad's for the weekend. And not enough to cause me to get stuck there. But enough to make the drive home ... interesting!
So having made it back to Stirling what's the first thing I did after sweeping the steps and unloading the car? Warm cup of tea? Light a fire? Make some soup?

No, none of those. I built a snowman of course! I truly am my father's daughter. And proud of it.

So, duty done now it's time to settle down with tea, fire, dvd and not venture out again until work forces me tomorrow.


Just Frances said...

Wise choice of chores. It is vital to continue building snowmen, lest they go extinct!! x

ebbandflo said...

well done on getting the car started and congrats on a most handsome Maxwellian snowman