Sunday, 21 November 2010

34 days and counting - apparently

Well, the festive season is well and truly on us I guess. Stirling switched on its Christmas lights this evening so it must be true.

And I'm valiantly trying to get organised! Amazingly I have actually bought a couple of presents but for the vast majority the furtherest I've got so far is to start a list!

Oh well, 33 days to get organised I suppose!

PS a big shout out today for Kerr and Laura who definitely went above and beyond the call of duty to prance around Stirling City centre today dressed very fetchingly as elves to publicise the lights switch on!

1 comment:

ebbandflo said...

:( - no pics of the elves?

PS: have started christmas shopping too. need more brandy (for the cake)(not the expensive stuff)(yours is safe)