Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Happy Monday/Blue Monday

Rainbow over the Craigs roundabout

Well, apparently yesterday was the most depressing day of the year here in the UK - the day after the clocks change for the end of British Summer Time, when the evenings start getting really dark, the weather gets cold and wet and even the golden leaves of autumn start disappearing. 

After a gorgeous start to the day, even the weather seemed to have had enough with the early sunshine soon overtaken by wave upon wave of heavy wet rain.

(By the way, for interested readers, while popular fiction is that the Inuit language has several hundred words for snow, I firmly believe that we have far more words for rain here in Scotland - and for the same metereological reason as the Inuit and snow - there's just so damn much of it!!)

My mood decided to try to follow suit. I was heading for a depression of a similar magnitude to the one undoubtedly causing our lovely 1st November weather, when I remembered only the day before I had given in to silliness - and whilst baking a tasty (but not particularly attractive) pear and ginger cake I'd finally got round to listening to my new Monty Python Sings album (thanks Frances for the idea!).

I mean, I ask you - who could ever remain depressed and at the same time listen to such classics as Every Sperm is Sacred, I Like Chinese and Knights of the Round Table? If you're not laughing out loud, you're wondering how on earth they got away with lyrics like those!

PS The photo wasn't taken yesterday - the rain was much heavier than that and there were definitely no rainbows - but I like the pic, and it's especially for my good friend Kitty - the cheeriest person I know - and her rainbow project.

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ebbandflo said...

ugh! i hate these "must think positive thoughts" people ..... but you know, there is some truth behind it.
practising moments of gratitude in late spring seemed to fire up some new pathways in my grey matter and now i still feel the dark clouds looming but i don't seem to dwell (cos OMG nothing else has changed round here!!!). i wouldn't say i'm all rainbows and unicorns but i'm content and cheerful.

there does seem to be some science behind it too - neuroplasticity and brain-derived neurotrophic factor and re-training. ie. if you think new pathways you increase BDNF and lo! new pathways are generated (amazing thing, the brain)

PS: wee guy's piano teacher said to hunt out Graham CHapman's funeral on YouTube for laughs (!)

onwards :)