Thursday, 19 April 2007

Challenges and opportunities

Let me introduce you to some of the other UK Etsy crafters and what we get up to in our spare time and in the name of craft!

We have been challenging ourselves for the last couple of months to come up with handcrafted items on a theme. Mistress of the suggestions box is the awesome Kezzaroo

She makes a variety of things but in particular some fantastic little 80's TV stars like this one - the dreamy (if you like that kind of thing!) Hoff from Baywatch

Information on our challenges can be found in our Flickr photo pool.

The first challenge coincided with UK Red Nose Day and our challenge was to create 'pants' in our various crafting media. And that's pants in the UK knickers sense, not pants in the US trousers sense. We had lots of entries but the winning one was from Bunny. And here it is - a beautiful print full of knickers!

The next challenge was on Ninjas. Again, lots of entries with the winning one from Kezzaroo. And here it is - a fluffy pink ninja - not something you see everyday!

The third challenge was to create something inspired by a Movie Star. And the winner of that challenge was Memake. And here's her winning entry - a Cary Grant carry bag - truly masterful.

Our next 2 challenge titles are flowers (in May) and fairy tales (in June). So watch out for more inspired creativity from the UK Etsy crafters.

And just for the record, these were my attempts

Red Wire crocheted pants
Red coated copper wire crocheted using a normal crochet hook with beads added to the wire before crocheting and then finished off with a pink satin ribbon cord around the waist. Not to be recommended for wearing - except by people who like scratchy pain and draughts!!

Beadwoven Ninja cuff bracelet
Hundreds and hundreds of tiny tiny seed beads have been woven together in a pattern to pick out the staring eyes of a ninja warrior. Not sure about the ninja's staring eyes, but mine were just about crossed by the time I finished this.

Brangelina copper initial necklace - unisex on a braided leather thong.
Two different coloured pieces of leather thong have been braided or plaited together to make up the necklace part of this jewellery. Then a handshaped letter 'A' was made from copper wire and attached to the necklace.

Not quite as dramatic as a vial of blood but a much more romantic way for Brad to show his love for Angelina.


craftychris said...

Oh, I love the knickers print!

Honeybeedz said...

It's still available to buy in Bunny's shop - along with many other items of gorgeousness!!