Sunday, 29 April 2007

Having fun at Craft Fairs

Not sure what you've been up to with your Sunday, but I spent mine at a craft fair in Glasgow - selling (with a wee bit of buying as well).

As anyone who has sold at a fair will know, they can be interesting experiences. This was my second time with Alcraft and fortunately it was marginally more successful than my first fair with them. The venue is fantastic - an inside venue in a courtyard space with bars and restaurants all round, and (apparently) one of the best coffee shops in Glasgow right on the corner! Needless to say my meagre profits made their way quite quickly into Coffee Merchant's tills.

So back to my stall. I really must make it look more professional. There are (inevitably) lots of jewellery sellers and in comparison my stall looked decidedly amateur. On the plus side, I was selling distinctive items - unfortunately not many people wanted to buy them. Everyone says
how much they like it, but very few people actually buy.

But I did manage to sell this rather extravagant gothic black wire crochet choker, which I was very pleased about. It's been starring in my Etsy shop ever since I made it for an Etsy creative challenge - lots of views but no buyers - until today!!! Success.

I also sold this wrapped stone as a pendant necklace. I'd added a celtic knot as another focal piece to the thong but unfortunately I didn't get round to photographing it before it sold. Ironically, I sold it to someone I see every week in one of the local cafes. She just happened to be in Glasgow and had popped in for a coffee before meeting her friends.

This is quite a family effort in fact. My sister taught me to wire wrap. My mum polished the stone. And I put it all together!!

My final sale was a custom order for the woman who organises the craft fair. All in all, not a bad day.

Besides selling, it also let me get to know some other crafters, all of whom were very friendly. And also very talented. So promotion time is here ....

I was sat next to a lovely woman from In-House Arts who was selling personalised children's pictures, cards and notelets. Guess what my nephew will be getting when I go to visit him in the summer?!!! Unfortunately, I neglected to ask her what her name was - but she was great company all day.

Opposite me were the couple from Allan Topen Photography. I'd met them before at previous craft fairs and they were also responsible for encouraging me to give Alcraft a try. Allan is a very talented photographer, with an eye for classic (and not so classic) Scottish views.

I also met retired teacher Dona - who used to teach music and is now making her living selling traditional pomander jewellery. Pomanders date from the 16th century and were used to ward off infection and surround the wearer with a beautiful smell instead. Dona makes hers by infusing pomander beads with essential oils - lavender, rosemary and rose for example - and then capturing them inside silver filigrees. I was so envious - she even has her own hallmark! As you'll see from her website, her jewellery is really lovely.

So that was my Sunday - how was yours?


ebbandflo said...

My sunday is still young! Well done for success at the craft fair.

AliCub said...

Well done on a successful weekend :D

Mine was most uneventful, I washed and waxed my car :P

Sakura Fubuki Designs said...

Well done! sounds like the craft fair was a success :D