Sunday, 28 February 2010

Happy birthday to me

Well, it's almost my birthday - or as close to one as I get in a non Leap Year - and I've had a fabulous weekend. All courtesy of my wonderful friends, for whom I am truly thankful.

The celebrations started on Friday with cocktails and lovely meal with my lunchtime buddies. Saturday was a bit of a delicate start but I rallied and managed to make it through to Edinburgh to get my hair cut (making up for completely missing my appointment last weekend!) and a bit of shopping. Still no shoes though - it's been almost 6 months since I bought my last pair, I think I may be ill!!

Yesterday evening saw another meal out and a trip to the cinema. Our choice was The Lovely Bones - a somewhat strange choice for a celebratory night out, but a great film all the same.

And then today it was Tango again. This week we had a workshop with 2 genuine Argentian Tango dancers, and amazing it was too. We feel like we're really starting to dance now - and I'm almost managing to follow rather than trying to lead. I'm told it will be a good stress relief for me to let someone else take charge for a change!!

And in the midst of that I still found some time for a couple of visits to my favourite cafe and some more crochet.

Happy (un)birthday indeed!

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