Saturday, 20 February 2010

Out and about in Stirling

Stirling Heads
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Today was such a beautiful sunny winter morning that I decided to go for a stomp round Stirling with my camera. I'd forgotten that the replica Stirling Heads are on display at Stirling Castle so I got an extra bonus with my visit to the Castle.

In case you don't know, the Heads are modern but handcarved replicas of original ceiling bosses created for James V's Great Hall at Stirling Castle. As well as being able to see the replica carvings, there was also an exhibition about the process of re-creating them. Truly amazing craftsmanship.

(I'm also quite proud of the way this picture has captured the winter sunlight sneaking into the Great Hall)

Once the renovation work has been finished in the Castle's Royal Apartments, the replica heads will be used as part of the final decorations.

While I was at the Castle I also took the opportunity to visit the Tapestry Weaving workshop to see how the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries are coming on. You can stand and watch as modern artisans weave replica tapestries based on ancient medieval designs, also destined for the renovated Royal Apartments when they're done.

The Castle wasn't the only place I visited on my morning stomp - plenty more pictures in my Flickr Photostream if you want a look.

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