Wednesday, 10 February 2010

It takes two...

The cliche goes that it takes two to tango, and indeed it does, but fortunately I've managed to find a class where I can go along alone and still learn.

Some of my more regular readers may remember that at New Year I blogged my New Year Resolutions, one of which was to take more risks and to 'pick more daisies'. Well, this weekend I did just that. I have long wanted to learn how to dance properly. When I was younger I 'did' ballet. Truth be told, I was sent to ballet lessons as a little person because my Mum was tired of me 'tripping over a blade of grass' and she thought that ballet lessons might be just the thing to make me less clumsy. I'm not sure they worked at the time (I seem to remember spending most of my childhood with massive bruises on my legs from bumping into things) but as I've grown up I think the ballet did make a difference - my posture isn't bad and I seem to have a certain affinity with rhythm.

So anyway, back to this weekend. Last week at work  I found a poster for Tango classes - no partner necessary, just turn up and give it a try. And in the spirit of 'picking more daisies', turn up I did.

Well, it was fantastic. It may just have been and 3 other couples, but I can truly say that I had a great time. So much so that I'm signed up for the 4 more classes and hope to carry on beyond that too. Not having a partner means that I get to dance more with 'teacher', so not exactly a disaster. And the other couples are wonderfully welcoming. I'll definitely be there next Sunday - now if I could only find a man that wants to learn to tango....!

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