Sunday, 26 December 2010

And a merry Christmas, one and all

Ok, I confess. It's not the Christmas tree we celebrated the great present ripping open festival in front of yesterday but since I haven't managed to upload any of yesterday's photos yet, this one will need to do for now. Check my Flickr page in due course for the pics. 
But even without the visuals, picture the scene. Small boy, mound of presents - 5 minutes later, small boy, mound of wrapping paper. A great time was had by all!

To be fair, the little person was actually very self disciplined - he waited until after we had eaten ourselves to a stand still, Christmas lunch before the great present opening could begin, and with only a very limited amount of grousing. The wrapping paper was deposited in the recycling box as presents were unwrapped and there was even a cursory glance at the unwrapped goodie before moving on to the next offering. And that was just my brother in law! (Heh, heh!)

So, if present opening was the highlight for the boy, what did the day mean for the rest of us? From my now somewhat fuzzy memory of the day, it seemed to involve lots of food and a modicum shed load of alcohol. If I ever see turkey again it will be too soon. Darn, my sister has just informed me that we have enough to do until I head back to the UK - turkey breakfast waffle anyone? 

Other than trying to avoid food then, what does today hold in store for your intrepid correspondent? Well, the festivities continue apace with our latest visitor due to arrive at lunchtime. Apparently she's going to text when she makes it across the border - running from the law, or is it the turducken? Little does she know that more (much more!) awaits her here!!

Anyway, hope everyone had a great day yesterday and is having a fun day today. Judging by the Facebook updates it seems like it. Let the merriment continue. 

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