Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Wild horses

Yesterday saw the first visit Outside since arriving in Canada - and it feels almost like the first outing since catching flu at the start of December. Apart from the brief walk from the terminal to the car park at Vancouver Airport and then a very brief stomp outdoors on Boxing Day to help Frances carry her luggage in from the car, today was the first day of breathing fresh air since Friday morning! And we did it in style.

Having been coming to PoMo for a few years now, the trips out now have a lovely comforting routine to them. Vancouver Aquarium, Fort Langley, (trendy) Newport Village, Metropolis and yesterday's destination, Burnaby Village Heritage Museum. (Today are another couple of old faithfuls - Cypress Mountain for cross country skiing and wine bottling at the Wine Shop!) Don't get me wrong, I'm not bored with any of them - far from it. There is something very homely and relaxing about visiting familiar sites.

The company always makes it special too. Yesterday, as well as the little person we were joined by Frances, our visitor for the week. I think she enjoyed it as much as we did and it was great to see it through new eyes.

The other difference with this visit was the holiday theme. I've been at Halloween before when they do all sorts of ghostie things, but never at Christmas. So yesterday, in the seasonal Pacific Wet Coast rain, we did the Christmas Scavenger Hunt, marvelled at the 1920s Christmas decorations and huddled inside the various houses marvelling at how warm the stoves could make the place!

And to finish off the trip in proper style, we all had a ride on the carousel. Great fun.

I even had time to nip into the chemist while I was there and pick up some potions to help us with our Turkey Challenge for the rest of December.

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