Sunday, 18 September 2011

Keep on runnin'

It's been a while since I last bored you with stories of my running, and having run my hometown 10k this morning, it's seems an opportune time to start again. And before you say anything, yes, I know I haven't blogged about anything much at all over the summer. Just you wait until October, however, you won't know what's hit you then - more of that another day!

So before telling you about today's race, I think I should clarify that whilst I haven't been writing about running in the blogging ethosphere, that doesn't mean I haven't been banging on about in real life to anyone who will listen. Although it would probably be more accurate to say I've been boring them with tales of NOT running because I feel I've been doing more of that recently than I have of the real training stuff. 

And you all, of course, remember why I'm training - both the race itself and the worthy cause for which I'm running. Feel free to sponsor me if you haven't already done so [shameless plug completed - read on in safety].

But back to the NOT running. It's been for a variety of reasons. Some of which, yes, are to do with motivation. Others are to do with over busy-ness. But it's also been about injury. Yes, dear reader, I am now a serious runner and can talk about that niggling calf strain or the bad bout of runner's knee I'm suffering from. Which is all good enough reason to justify my rather poor performance in this morning's Stirling 10k. Not only did I not beat my time from last year, I also didn't beat my running companion, Miss Awesome herself, who shot ahead at just after 5km and was but a mere streak of white in the distance for the rest of my race. My age adjusted performance was worse - even though I'm a year older and clearly much fitter (ahem!). 

And to cap it all, the official race photographer (the 'getting less than awesome by the second', Frances) somehow managed to make me look fat in my pre-race photograph. You will understand that it is a trick of the light and that I am in reality a slim svelte size 8, with the well toned body of a 28 year old. 

The only saving grace, I guess, is that there were no post race photographs and I think I managed to dodge any of the real official race photographers on the way round. 

Yeah, maybe I'll go back to not blogging about my running after all...

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